The GT3 badge first appeared on the 996 generation 911. Sharing little with the ‘lesser’ Carrera models, GT3s are heavily track-focused, with lower, stiffer suspension, beefier brakes, and things like sound deadening and rear seats binned to reduce weight. The GT3 has been made more distinct from the Carrera range than ever, due to the retention of a naturally-aspirated engine.

Sitting in its traditional place behind the rear axle is a 4.0-litre atmospheric flat-six engine, in this case putting its considerable power on the tarmac via a six-speed manual gearbox that also (selectively) automatically blips on downshifts. There’s also a mechanical limited slip differential, and it'll accelerate from zero to 62mph in 3.9sec, 0.5sec behind the time quoted for the 7-speed PDK. Both transmissions are derived from the old GT3 and not the new Carrera, Porsche’s motorsport division did this as these units are both smaller and lighter.

The 911 GT3 is also available as an even more track-focused version, named the GT3 CUP. The spectacularly styled Cup car is the first racing version based on the current 992 generation and the first makes-cup racer of the sports car manufacturer to feature a wide turbo-spec body. Producing around 375 kW (510 hp), it exceeds the output of its immediate predecessor by 25 horsepower.

Author: Matt Robinson, CarThrottle ©